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Zhao Hongxia Scandal: Things To Know About Prostitute-Turned-Nurse


So the top story of the day in Beijing, China is ahead on the next step the journalist who has exposed the whole scandal is under the investigation of the Chinese officials but it is expected that he will be forgiven for what he have have done as he is under stress but he is jubilant, his voice full of energy.

While on the other hand Mr. Lei who is the head of the official party in the China has been fired from his post with in the week when the exposing and scandalous video has been released.

This video has made every body stunned and to think again that their leader really deserved to be leaders. It is reported by the source that, Mr Zhu Ruifeng might be get pardon by the official party as he is facing a lot of stress but still he look with the aim high.

He said during the interview to the BBC through phone, that “I am very happy when I battle corrupt officials.” Well earlier this month Mr Zhu Ruifeng had just released a video tape on the internet in which “a 57-year-old Communist Party local boss having physical relation and doping dirty stuff in a hospital room with an 18-year-old girl.”

That videos was filmed in 2007 and it is also repeated that this girl was sent by a construction company’s honor to get favour from Mr. Lei in illegal manners.

Mr Zhu Ruifeng also tell the reporter that, “In the past, I was at my happiest when they threatened me and blocked my website, because then I know my reports have attacked their hearts, and my reports are genuine.”