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Winter Tips To Prevent Dry Skin


14 Easy Tips to Prevent Dry Skin in Winters,Ultimate Tips for Winter Skin Care TipsWinter is here and I bet you would be noticing dry and dull starchy skin and you would be getting irritated with dry and damaged lips, but with all of these issues you just need one thing and that is tremendously intense moisturizing treatment and we are going to give you some very simple tips to deal with this harsh and unfriendly to protect and treat your beauty problems.5 Winter Care Tips For Dry Skin

Here are some very general rules for winter

Sunscreen is great for your skin and you just need to apply 30 minutes prior to stepping out into the sun, this will prevent dryness related to sun damage and it will help you get beautiful smooth skin.Skin Care Tips for Winter and Beyond ,Winter Beauty Tips,Preventing Dry Skin in Winter

Instead of applying lots of lotion of moisturizer, pick face oil like avocado oil, mineral oil, primrose oil, or almond oil for your face and apply a moderate amount of oil on your wet face whenever you wash your face and it will not only help you get smoother and moisturized skin, it will actually help you get rid of wrinkles and dead looking skin too, no matter how many time you wash your face, never forget to apply some oil on your wet face.Skin care tips for dry winter,Skin Care Tips for Winter and Beyond

The face cleanser or the face wash that you use during the winter should be fragrance free and natural cause soap with fragrance make your skin dry and dull, You can use fatty substances or oil such as lanolin, cocoa butter, or coconut oil to clean your face during the winters instead of cleaning milk and other products and then wipe these things with worm wet towel and you will actually see that you don’t need to use anything else to clean your face and it will help you  keep your skin moisturizer and soft too.

No matter how chilled weather it is, never ever use too hot or too cold water to take a bath, the excessive temperature is not good for your body and your scalp and if you are taking a worm shower then you have to use some oil massage before shower too and then you have to apply some after word too.

For super dry and dull looking skin extra virgin coconut oil is great not only for your skin, but for your scalp too and you just need to take some on it in your hand and rub till it get worm a bit and then rub it all over your face and your neck and rub till it get fully absorbed, you can use it as a cleaning too by using a wet and worm towel on face, and you can use it as moisturizer too.

Drink too much water, lots of water, even if you get thirsty or not, you still need some water and eat a healthy and well balanced diet and sleep well.

Happy winter