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What is SPF? How to Choose a Good Sunscreen

What is SPF How to Choose a Good Sunscreen
What is SPF How to Choose a Good Sunscreen
What is SPF How to Choose a Good Sunscreen
What is SPF How to Choose a Good Sunscreen

With large number of people across the globe becoming the victims of damaging sun rays, it has now become excessively important to use sunscreen. However, now the people are well aware of the risks associated with prolonged exposure to the sun and they take necessary steps to provide their skin protection from sun.

There are many products on the market today that provide you maximum protection from sun and damaging UV rays. But, many confusing terms that are often written on the wrapping make it hard to know what can protect in the most effective way, leaving the people confused over which sunscreen product they should go for.

What Is SPF?

SPF is the abbreviated form of Sun Protection Factor. Products with higher SPF numbers offer much better protection against damaging UVB rays. Mainly, the number of Sun Protection Factor is an indicator of how much time you can spend in the sun without burning. For instance, SPF-15 offers you protection for fifteen minutes and is ideal for those who get burned in 15 minutes. Skin experts and doctors recommend the people to wear SPF with at least SPF 15 before getting exposed to the sun.


While finding any ideal sunscreen product, be sure to check the UVA and UVB protection it offers. These two are the most dangerous and harmful for the skin among all the rays emitted by the sun. Overexposure to UV rays results in premature ageing, sunburn and in severe case skin cancer.

Double Duty Sun Protection Beauty Products

It isn’t necessary to include extra products in your regular skincare routine to seek protection against sun as ‘Double Duty’ moisturizers and foundation are available now that also offer you sun-protection besides serving their actual purpose. Regular use of these products fight off wrinkles formation too.

Waterproof Sunscreen

Now the beach-goers don’t have to put on white zinc oxide and thus look like a clown to protect their skin from sun since sunscreen is also available in waterproof formula. All what you have to do is to find water-resistant sunscreen to help you be able to play in the ocean or at the pool without concerning about sun damage.