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What is Combination Skin?

What is Combination Skin?

What is Combination Skin?Combination skin is a very common skin type. It has the characteristics of both oily and dry skin; T-zone has the oily texture while the ski of rest of the facial skin is dry and flaky. Since, two entirely different skin types occur on the face therefore combination skin type is very somewhat hard to identify and tricky to treat.


There are many factors that contribute towards the combination skin. At times, only the genetics is the under-lying cause of having combination skin while sometimes other factors such as use of different skincare products you use on different facial areas bring about combination skin.

Skincare Products for Combination Skin

Those having combination has to be very careful while picking skincare products for their skin. Basically, they need such skincare products that don’t aggravate the condition; only use the products that are designed keeping the individual requirements of your skin type in view.

If you prefer using two different products on your face then you should use lightweight gels or liquids, or oil-absorbing products for the T-zone of your face and creams or lotions for the drier spots of your face.

Caring Combination Skin


Always use a mild and water-soluble cleanser for cleansing. It will prevent dryness and irritation. A gel-based or mild frothing cleanser is idea for your skin if you have oily-dry combination skin. If your skin is dry and rosacea due to sun damage, a light-weight lotion cleanser is perfect choice. Stay away from bar-soaps or bar-cleansers as the ingredients they contain can cause pores clogging.


If you regularly tone your skin, use a toner that is absolutely irritants and fragrance free. Make sure o use a toner that contains a healthy dose of skin repairing ingredients such as skin identical ingredients, cell communicating ingredients, and antioxidants.


Exfoliate your skin regularly with a alpha hydroxy acid or beta hydroxy acid product in a texture suitable for your skin type. This will purge the dead and dry skin cell and enhance the growth of new healthy skin.

Sun Protection

For preventing the appearance of aging signs and other sun damage, apply a sunscreen daily year-round.