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What Is a Simple Skin Care Routine?


Simple Skincare Deal at SafewayMy skin type vary from normal to oily throughout the year and I rarely get dryness or excess oily skin I keep it under control and if you let your skin talk to you then you will learn when to apply the moisturizer and when to apply the toner, it is not something very tricky, now I am going to give you very simple skin care routine and let me tell you one more time that I have very sensitive and normal kind of skin, it’s not too oily or too dry, but yes I get blackheads and shiny skin too and the most important thing, I use natural things to clean my face and I use natural things to exfoliate my skin too.Beauty Tips for Skin care

I use olive oil to clan my skin, remove make up, and treat my blackheads and whiteheads and I use it for my dry skin too, now we will start with cleansing, I usually take a shower before start cleaning and I take a worm shower later too, it is up to you what you want, I start with taking 4 tablespoon oil and I keep it in a small plate and start rubbing it all over my face, my ears, my neck, shoulders and my arms, I keep rubbing , I keep rubbing it all over my face with smooth circular motions on face, then rub on shoulders and arms, then on neck from down to upward and I keep rubbing that till I get worm and all red, then I take few minutes of steam, people say that one should take steam three times a week, but I take it every day but not for too long, and after that I take a wet worm towel and rub the skin with that and you will feel smoothness immediately.My Advice For A Simple Skin Care Routine

Next thing you need to take is scrub your face with something, but nothing is better than natural things, I have few things that I use to scrub my face, sugar scrub, almond scrub or gram flour scrub and the best scrub that will work for your skin and for fine lines is yogurt scrub, I take one tablespoon yogurt and add some lime in it and mix it well and if you have some tan issues too then add some turmeric too and apply it all over your face, neck and your shoulder too and let it get dry and then scrub it off and you will notice a instead glow and shine in your skin and it is best thing that you use to remove dead cells.

After that you use something to store the impact of that and I use honey for that, honey is best thing to nourish your face and wash it off with chilled water and that is the time when you can take a bath if you want and then tab dry your body and apply any night cream or bio-oil for best results.

With that daily skin cleaning routine, you need to use face mask three to four times a week and start using the vitamins serums on your face throughout the day.