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What Dermatologists Hide From You About Skin Issues


Few days back I was listing Neal Schultz, MD, a New York based medical and cosmetic dermatologist and member of the American Academy of Dermatology and he said, we, sometime go over the limits to get positive or some sort of results, when someone come to us with some skin issues, we literally let them get super high expectation from the result just to see how we treat that one issues and develop more experience and that is how we learn new things and discover new treatments.

What Dermatologists Hide

What Dermatologists Hide From You

There are many things that your dermatologist lie about or hide from you, but I am sharing some most common ones.

There are many sided effects attached to almost every surgical or medical treatments, and normally Doc  says it is not harmful or dangerous, it is a small treatment and always work which only means one thing, your DOC may not prepare you for rare side effects, like contracting flesh-eating staph, which is rare , but is the most scarcer than the small mole and I guess that is the reason doctors hide it from you, but that only means they use you as a lab rat to get new results.


We all know that dermatologists always talk about the benefits of laser and they call it the ultimate treatment for many things, they talk about everything except some important facts, like laser resurfacing takes longer to recover from than patients expect, sometime some ingrown hair get stuck between the layers of the skin and look even uglier then unwanted hair and  your desired results may not actually appear for as many as 10 days, and sometime it can cause long-lasting discoloration too,What Dermatologists Hide.

Home Remedies Work: – We all know that dermatologist earn their livings with the issue of other people, although they help them to get better skin and looks and they help them to get better appearance, but they actually never encourage them how to cure them with natural ways which is less complicated and work tremendously  well and better then medical and surgical ways and mostly dermatologist can help you in that regard too, but they don’t they want you to keep coming and keep paying for one thing and then for the side effects of that treatment and that is how a chain of treatments keep going,What Dermatologists Hide.

Well, there is so much, your dermatologist is not willing or happy to tell you about and the reason is so pretty obvious, your ignorance is their living, but what reason do you have to play with your health and wellbeing?
Think and then do, research and then get whatever treatment you want.