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Wedding Hair Vines & Bridal and Bridesmaid Hair Vines

Wedding Hair Vines

Our bridal hair Vine Collection are perfect for the bride who wants flexibility in their wedding headpiece! These unique hair accessories handmade with sparkling crysals, rhinestones and pearls. This hair vines can be re-form to any position to allow greater freedom with modeling your headgear!

Wedding Hair Vines

Georgia Wedding Hair Vine

The hair vines are made from gorgeous diamantes, freshwater pearls and crystals skillfully agitated together to give a whole new look. They are simple and dazzling diamante bridal hair vines are ideal for the Bride or her bridesmaids,Wedding Hair Vines. Wedding Hair Vines

Each vine comes with small wired holes at each end to be secured with grips.  They are designed to be worn at the front, side or back of the head. You can also use a wedding necklace as an substitute to a hairvine and later use it as jewellery to party in,Wedding Hair Vines.Simple Pearl and Crystal Bridal Hair Vine Halo with Silver Accents. Wedding Hair Adornment

Here we will choose the fantastic, gorgeous, beautiful, lovely, stunning, and pretty HAIR VINES:

Handmade Bryony Wedding Hair Vine Sparkly Bridal and Bridesmaid Wedding Hair Vines .