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Wedding Golden Blue Eye Makeup Look Tutorial


Easy Eye Makeup Tips And TutorialNormally I prefer smoky eyes, mate or glamorous when it comes to day to day life or something regular or casual, and I like to keep experimenting with shads too and today we are going to try a formal and glamorous festival look for your Eid day or some weeding and that is Wedding Golden Blue Eye Makeup.Golden Blue Eyes Makeup Tutorial

We will make sure that you are using the best shade for that cause if you use the right shade then you will get the best look too, like we use bright and shiny shades for wedding and if you are using the blue shade then I would suggest that you pick some shades of blue and silver shimmer to make it glamorous and fascinating and here is a Wedding Golden Blue Eye Makeup look for all of you who is going to use bluish dress or want to get a blue glamorous eye make up.Makeup For Blue Eyes

As you all know that you have to start with moisturizer and primer if you want to get a pro look and long lasting impact and then give your primer some time and then you use foundation all over your face and eyes too, you can use eyebrow brush and eye brow shade and pencil and now we will concentrate with eye makeup, if you have oily skin then you can start with powder based foundation too.

Now apply Gold eye shadow on the inner 3/4 of your lids and you can use any eye shade type you want, but you just need to start with golden shade and blend it well now you need to take blue eye pencil and draw a thin line from the inner corner of your eyes to outer edge and then take some blue glamorous shade and apply over the line and now take blending sponge and start rubbing it completely, you need to finish the definition of the line and the base and then take dark blue shade and make an outer “V”  and now you need to fill that V with little lighter blue shade  and blend carefully, you need to blend it till you see that gold and blue is making your eyeshades look greenish.

Now this is the time to add Highlights and for that you need to take silver or light golden Eye shadow and apply over the eye brow bone and just below the curve of your eye brow and blend it with your finger and now take a small Winged Liner and apply the closest line of this over the eyelash line and use kohl liner on your water line to get the deeper and brighter eyes.