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Ways To Remove Facial Hair


How to Remove Facial HairFacial hair in woman is not something that is unusual or life threatening, it is a very normal thing and many woman suffer with facial hair, but if you are not treating them well then you will end up with even worse situation and even more ugly looking hair, so if you want to know that right and proper ways then here are some very simple and very easy ways to deal with facial hair.Natural facial hair removal. Facial hair removal for women is an absolute

First of all I will say that one should look for some home remedies that can treat and remove them permanently, if you were born with these hair then you need to treat them properly, but if it is something new then you should get an appointment with your doctor immediately, I am not talking about dermatologist, I am talking about gynecologist and get an opinion if everything is going fine inside, now here are some simple ways that you can try to deal with feminine facial hair properly.3 Ways to Get Rid of Female Facial Hair

1-Threading:- Well! if you ask me then I will say that you should try home remedies or bleaching and use branded products to bleach your hair cause the skin on your face is the most sensitive skin of your body, so you need to look after with care, but if you really have to remove them then threading is the first way to do that you do to deal with facial hair, it is not too complicated or risky as long as you are taking the right way, and if the person who perform threading is nor carrying any germs, and smooth hair-free skin glows in no time and makes you wish that this glow lasts forever, but I won’t:(you need to book an another threading appointment within another 15 days or so.

2-Waxing:  Next thing that you can try is Waxing and I can assure you that it is better than threading, but it does have some risks attached, and if you manage to get a germ free and hygienic treatment then it is very good for your facial hair, it will actually slow down the re-growth rate of the hair and it will reduce the numbers of hair too, and once you get your wax done, you probably need to go back next month for another session and if you maintain a waxing after every 15 months then you not only help your skin to get better result, but it will actually diminish the facial hair for good too, it will take time, but you will see some reduction very soon.

3-Tweezing: I personally don’t consider it a full treatment, you can call it touch ups though, we all notice some hair after few days of waxing or threading and you can use your pair of tweezers to tweeze these tiny hairs, but if you try to pull all of your facial hair with that the it will prove very unpractical, time consuming and tiring, you can hire pro help though.

I personally say no! for all medical and surgical helps in that regard, why? I have seen many women who done it and they are living a miserable life; you can try if you want to, but I will say play safe and mild.