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Ways to Look Slimmer Instantly


It is the nature of human that he never gets satisfied with his appearance. Skinny people, especially women, always try to get fuller appearance while those with fuller body make effort and try different ways to make them look slimmer.

Dieting is surely the best way to become slimmer, but if you have any date, or any event right now, and you want to look slimmer for it, a few things can be done that will definitely make you look slimmer and even taller instantly.

Get into Fitted Clothes

Attiring yourself in aptly fitted clothes- neither too tight nor so loose- is the first way to seem slimmer. Never go for too tight outfit in a hope that it will make you appear slim and smart as even a skinniest gal may look as if she has muffin-top if her denims are excessively tight. Rather go for a perfect size 10, than a too small, too tight or muffin top inducing sizes 6 or 8.

Don’t Wear Horizontal Stripes

If you are aiming at looking slimmer than your actual size, it is advisable to stay away from horizontal stripes as horizontal stripes tend to make you look wider and chunky. And if you must don them, use them only to enhance your bust, don’t wear them anywhere else.

Never Wear Large Prints

Though exotic tropical and romantic floral prints are trendier this season, but those trying to look slim should avoid donning these and any other prints that are larger than the palm. The reason is that larger prints tend to make you appear larger, especially if they are on a light backdrop.

Wear Dark Colors

Black color has the tendency to make the wearer look slim, so go for this versatile color if you want to look slender. If you don’t find black color appealing, you can choose to wear any other dark colors to achieve desired appearance. However, if you want your bottom to look slimmer but top to look bigger then wear dark colored jeans and light colored top.

Wear Heels

Wearing heels is another popular and admired way to seem slimmer and taller. Not only wearing heels helps stretching your silhouette but it also makes you stand straighter thereby make you look slimmer as well as taller.