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Vintage Bridal Jewelry – Most Brides Love Shiny Bright Or Sparkling Jewelry


Bride is the VVIP person on her wedding day and people seem crazy for having a look at the bride so that they can appreciate or criticize bride’s wedding look. This is the reason, bride seems very conscious about their look and she tries to look her best on her nuptial.

The perfection of a bridal look depends upon the perfection of bridal makeup, wedding outfit and other accessories such as jewelry. When it comes to wedding jewelry, brides choose to wear contemporary or vintage jewelry that can complement their dress and overall wedding style.

Though those who choose to don vintage wedding jewelry usually don’t have to spend many pennies on jewelry as they find almost all jewelry pieces from their mother or grandmother’s jewelry box, but the case is not always the same. The vintage jewelry is not always available, so purchasing some vintage wedding jewelry becomes an option.

The selection of the jewelry pieces such as necklace, pendant, earrings, bracelet, charm or brooch lots depend upon the wedding dress. The outfit as a whole also really decrees the jewelry selection.

Most brides love shiny, bright or sparkling jewelry for example pearls or diamante since this looks perfect with the customary white wedding gown.

Silver, platinum or pearl are the best choices for with white wedding dress, while gold jewelry goes best with diamond white gown or ivory dress.

If your wedding dress is white, you may consider pearl earrings and necklace or diamante earrings and bracelet to make your looks glamorous and mesmerizing.

If you have picked a contemporary dress for your nuptial rather than a traditional one, then you should complement your dress with brightly colored enamel brooch.