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Using Sunscreen & Wise Sun Exposure

Using Sunscreen & Wise Sun Exposure
Using Sunscreen & Wise Sun Exposure
Using Sunscreen & Wise Sun Exposure
Using Sunscreen & Wise Sun Exposure

Benefits of Getting SOME Rays – Small doses of sun light at the appropriate time of the day affect your skin and health positively. These help curing certain skin conditions and have a psychological effect as well. Sunlight produces vitamin D in human body that after absorbing phosphorus and calcium from the body helps improving the immune system of the human being. However, unwise and over exposure to the sun brings about several issues including skin cancer.

What is UVA and UVB Light? How Does it Cause Skin Damage?

Sun emits two types of UV lights- UVA and UVB. These rays are emitted in the form of energy and those with shorter wavelength are more destroying to our skin. Skin cancer comes about since skin cells that are spoiled by the UVA and UVB light can’t regenerate. The sun screens and sun blocks protect our skin against UVB first as these are relatively more dangerous than the UVA.

Times of Day to Avoid the Sun’s Rays

The first step that should be taken to avoid the destroying effects of sun is to gain knowledge of the ideal time to take sun bath. As mentioned earlier as well, the rays are more destroying when their wavelength is shorter; it means they are more injurious between the hours of 1 and 3pm, the time at which they are at the peak. The reason being, the wavelength of the rays is at its shortest during these hours.

Natural Sun Protection Options

There are many different options when it comes to protect the skin against the sun. Clothing pieces with built-in UV light protection there are now available in market. Aside from this, donning lightweight, a brim hat, and long sleeves and jeans may provide you with sun protection. Wearing brimmed hat is also an effective way to prevent premature aging too.

Furthermore, many skin care products such as moisturizers and lotions with SPF offer sun protection. Resorting to mineral powder makeup havin zinc oxide is another efficient way to provide your skin with a shielding layer to fight against damaging UV rays. You may also choose to use sunscreens that contain titanium dioxide and micronized zinc oxide to protect your skin. Both these all natural ingredients act as natural sun block.

How Does Sunscreen Work?

Sunscreen protects our skin by holding the UV lights back that wreak havoc on our skin.