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Use Turmeric for Skin Care


Turmeric or Haldi powder is a yellow-colored Indian spice that is used in cooking. Besides foods, turmeric is used in different medicines as well due to its antiseptic and healing properties. Moreover, it is used by Indian women as a beauty aid as well since a long time. Some ways of utilizing turmeric for skin care are given below:

Turmeric for Acne Treatment

•    Face masks containing turmeric are effective remedies for acne. Take some turmeric and mix it with sandalwood powder; put it onto your face and hold on for almost ten minutes. When the set time is over, wash your face.

•    Make a blend of turmeric powder with few drops of lemon juice and mustered oil and apply it directly over the acne skin. Leave the remedy on for 15 minutes and later scrub with gentle hands. Then after, splash plain water over your face. Use the remedy thrice a week to get the acne cured faster.

Treat Pigmentation with Turmeric

•    Mixture of turmeric and lemon juice helps to fight pigmentation effectively. Apply the paste daily to get desired outcome.

Reduce Wrinkles Using Turmeric

•    Turmeric, when utilized with sugarcane juice or milk can be proved an effective remedy for wrinkles. Prepare a paste by mixing turmeric and sugarcane juice together. Put on the paste over your face to reduce wrinkles.

•    Paste of buttermilk and turmeric is effective for reducing under eye wrinkles. Hold on both the remedies for around 20 minutes and then wash off using cool water.

Remove Dead Skin with Turmeric

•    Mix turmeric and gram flour together and add water in it to get a paste. Application of this paste on the body can get rid of dead and can restore a immaculate and radiant skin. Apply it just before bathing and scrub tenderly while taking bath.