Unusual But Effective Skin Beauty Treatments

Unusual But Effective Skin Beauty TreatmentsMy grandma was the most beautiful woman of the world; she had a glowing complexion, sleek, smooth, shiny hair and wonderfully strong and beautiful nails. She never used to buy drugstore beauty products; she was preparing her own beauty products at home instead. I learnt a lot from my grandma and it would be a pleasure for me to share some of those tips with my readers as well. Take a look and give them a try. You’ll surely find these tips effective.

Face: The coffee (Turkish coffee that is brewed on fire) that you usually throw away in the dustbin can be used a face-beautification tool. If used as a scrub, Turkish coffee can render you clean, extremely glowing face.
Lips: Forget about lipsticks, lip-balms and gloss to treat chapped lips. Simply mask them up with honey and see the instant laons magic.

Eyes: If you’re struggling with under-eye dark circles or discoloration, spread a thick layer of slightly warm Vaseline under your eyes, wait for ten minutes and then wipe away. You’ll find you skin remarkably clear after the treatment.

Nails: Everyone loves to have tidy-looking, white and healthy nails. To achieve the desired look for your nails, soak them in lemon juice for 5-10 minutes and then rinse with tepid water.

Hands: You may experience dry hands that itch every time after dish washing or laundry. To avoid this pesky feeling, massage them with a liberal amount of any equity loan interest rates oil, preferably olive oil. If olive oil isn’t on hand, you can also use cooking oil.

Feet: To get beautiful, young-looking feet, massage them with a rich foot-cream and put on cotton socks right away every night. Leave overnight and consolidated loan calculator enjoy soft, pretty looking feet every morning.

For smelly feet: If you’ve smelly feet which make you feel embarrassing in gathering, dunk them in a mixture of water and mouthwash water for 10-20 minutes. Smell will go away.

Makeup Removal: When it comes to remove makeup, resort to olive oil. Infused with hydrating properties, olive oil will leave our skin well-hydrated besides getting rid of the loans on mobile homes cosmetics.

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