Types of Self Tanners – A Beautiful Tan Doesn’t Mean Sun Damage Anymore

Types of Self Tanners - A Beautiful Tan Doesn't Mean Sun Damage Anymore
Types of Self Tanners - A Beautiful Tan Doesn't Mean Sun Damage Anymore

Almost everyone knows that how much the sun tanning and tanning beds are harmful for human skin. Getting exposed to the sun and UV rays without wearing sunscreen can bring about an uncomfortable sun burn that ultimately leads to skin cancer. However, the majority women still feel as if a fantastic tan is the best beauty accomplice of their life.

However, good news is that getting the sun kissed look without long term exposure to the sun is even easier now, thanks to variety of sunless product options on the market for women of each type. Prior to your first attempt of sunless tanning application, check out these types of self tanners and know proper way to apply and remove them.

Gradual Self Tanning Lotions: Most User Friendly at Home

The majority of moisturizer companies now offer gradual self-tanning lotions. These lotions contain a little dihydroxyacetone, an ingredient that is responsible for developing color and has that very “smell”. However, these lotions allow the wearer to get a “glow” over time. Fundamentally, you feel a faint tanned glow after moisturizing with the lotion and using tanner for a few days. As you keep on using the tanner, the glow becomes darker and darker. Gradual self-tanning lotions are perfect for those who are new to self-tanning because these are almost mistake-free and hardly ever show streaks or “orange” tints.

Self Tanning Cream With Bronzer: Instant Tan with Lasting Results

No doubt, the traditional and natural way to tan is sitting in the sun. But, there is no need to damage the skin to get the alluring golden complexion now; simply use a Self-tanning cream with a bronzer is get desired tanned complexion instantly. The bronzer present in the self-tanner shows the result instantly, while the actual color of the self tanner become visible in about an hour. However, the tanner has the prepotency to discolor the hands and other hard to self-tan areas.

Spray Tanning Booths: Quick, but Not 100% Fool Proof

Spray Tanning Booths are a new product for those who don’t have much time to worry about self-tanning. Usually spa or traditional tanning stores offer this sort of tanning booths. If you choose to go this way all you have to do is to step into the booth and spray the potion directly on your the body. Usually lasting only a couple of moments, this is the quickest way to self-tan.

Salon Airbrush Tanning: Pricier, but Customized for Each Client

If you are not tight on beauty budget, experiment with salon airbrush tanning. In this process, a professional airbrush tanning expert sprays self-tanning solution over your body to give you the desired golden complexion.