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Turquoise Eid Collection 2012


Turquoise has released a collection of photos of Eid today. Turquoise Eid Collection 2012 is as random and semi-formals. Meeting is ideal for those who do not want to wear formal clothes for the holiday of Eid. Meeting in turquoise Eid Collection 2012 is ideal for lunches and parties Eid.

Women of all ages will find the clothes are quite suitable to be worn on the holiday. Today’s reductions, along with traditional embroidery to make them look absolutely stunning. In addition, the availability of Turquoise Collection 2012 Eid clothes makes them more attractive. Stains, as well as ornaments in this collection of Eid believe that women like to wear.

Turquoise was founded a few years ago, two girls, Nuzhat Kamran and Fauzia Bokhari. This is a Lahore-based fashion brand. It provides all kinds of clothing including formal wear, semi-formal wear and clothing, and, therefore, meets all the clothing needs of its customers. Turquoise output is in phase 3, DHA, Lahore. You can get their clothes from there.

Pictures of Turquoise Eid Collection 2012 can be seen below …