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Turmeric Hair Loss – Gives Soft Touch And Healthy Glow to your body


Turmeric has been serving as a natural skin and beauty care agent from times immemorial. History reveals that it use as a beauty aid was initiated by Indian women and now it is being used in industrially produced cosmetic products across the globe. It improves the texture of the skin thus gives soft touch and healthy glow to your body.

Apart from this, turmeric prevents the growth of unnecessary hair; therefore, it is the best friend of those women who don’t want to have unwanted hair on their entire body, especially on their face. The rhizomatous herb, a well-liked spice of Indian subcontinent, has antiseptic properties and is most practical and cheap way to remove unwanted hair. If you are amazed as how turmeric plays role in removing hair loss– read on……….

Use Turmeric and Chuck-out Unwanted Hair

Turmeric is an effective remedy to chuck out unnecessary hair on the body. Although it doesn’t remove the entire hair immediately but persistent use of turmeric for hair elimination is effective in long run. So, let us have a look on different preparations of turmeric, promoting hair loss.

Turmeric Paste

For preparing turmeric paste the ingredients needed include turmeric powder, wheat flour and milk. Mix 2 tablespoon turmeric powder and 4 tablespoon wheat flour together. Then pour milk into the mixture to get a consistent paste. Put the paste on your skin and let it dry up naturally. Once the paste utterly dries up, splash plain water over your face to wash off it. Turmeric may turn your skin yellow because of its dyeing effect. To remove the yellow satins, clean your face with milk-dipped cotton bud.

Turmeric and Salt

Prepare a fine paste out of raw turmeric and mix rock salt. Coat all of your unwanted hair with the paste. Let the paste dry and later wash it off with plain water. Rub your skin in circular motion to remove the paste. Avoid using soap to wipe turmeric paste. This remedy contains 100% natural elements and is totally side-effect free. Turmeric removes the unnecessary hair and makes the skin soft and flexible while rock salt exfoliates the skin making it utterly dir and dead cell free.