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Tricks To make Over The Lazy Girl

Tricks To make Over The Lazy Girl

Tricks To make Over The Lazy GirlThere are numerous make up ideas, hair styles and short cut ideas to get the flawless and shinning beauty:

  • It is suggested by beautiician and make up experts that to create the sculpted illusion of shoulders and neck area shade and blend the bronzer high lighter at the hollow between the collar bones. Then apply the translucent and illuminated powder at the ridges of décolleté to make them stand out.. It will slim your neck and top part of your body.
  • One of the celebrity make up artist advices to use the creamy bronzer high lighter at your eyes cheeks and at lips will create a stunning look in your make up.
  • While wearing the short skirt then uses the highlighter up to the centre of each leg to create the slimmer and longer looks in legs.
  • If your hair is thin use the large barreled hot curling iron to create the bounce in your hair .Use the curling iron by taking the small sections of the hair .keep the ends of hair free and straight. At the end use finger to give them the rougher looks. More the curls rougher more they look better.
  • If you are in evening then wear the Smokey eye make up. Apply the eye liner smudge it two or three times and then apply fine well defined line with liner. Density of smoke by continuous smudging will create a dramatic look in your Smokey make up.
  • If the hair is too frizzy then tie them in form of bun to give them sophisticated look.
  • It is wise to use the hydrating mask with antioxidant benefit for 5 -10 minutes before the make up give you the fresh looks.
  • In order to improve the dry skin within second gives it the mist of hydrating spray. It will also give the nourishment to the skin.
  • Before going out spare five minutes to jog for 500 dos. It will create natural glow to your skin and at the face.
  • To make your eyes wider always curl your eye lashes.
  • Use vitamin C serum might be used for whole day glow on your face.
  • For an instant change in look use some hair accessory in your hair style.
  • Use pearly white blusher to make your cheek bone stand out.
  • After a sleep to reduce the puffiness of your face use the wash clothes and apply it on the skin of face. Then use scrub. After ward use icy cold water to wash the face. The sudden change of temperature improves the lymphatic and blood flow toward the face and help to reduce the puffiness.