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Treatment Alternatives to Fade Age Spots and Discoloration


Age Spots, also known as liver spots, are even brown skin discolorations found on different parts of the body. Usually the people over 40 experience the appearance of this sort of discolorations. These spots take a long time to develop and also take time to go away.

Luckily, a number of treatment alternatives are available today that help reducing the visibility of age spots. Some ladies choose to use makeup to just cover up the bits while some other prefer bleaching or removing the affected skin area.

Bleaching or Lightening Spots

Women who just want to make the age spots less visible usually bleach the affected area skin with over-the-counter remedies. Many get benefit from an traditional beauty lightening cream. These treatments make the spots grow fainter, but succeeding sun exposure cause them to reappear after a while.

Hydroquinolone creams adequately wear off the age spots particularly in fair complexioned individuals. However, the dark skinned people should strictly stay away from these creams since for them the creams will work oppositely.

Facial Treatments

Several specialty facial treatments also help curing discolorations successfully. These treatments work by taking the damaged skin layer away. The skin-removing procedure is performed by well-trained professionals and your skin takes some time to recover after going through this treatment. Such facial treatments for treating age spots and discoloration include laser surgery, freezing, chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

Natural Treatments

Many people who don’t want taking advantage of the abrasive treatments always search for a more natural treatment to cure age spots. A few useful vitamins, when it comes to cure discoloration naturally, are vitamin C and E, Selenium, Zinc, Potassium and Beta Carotene.

Another popular natural remedy is uncontaminated lemon juice. Make it a routine to rub fresh lemon juice into the damaged skin area, let it air dry and then apply moisturizer. Use the remedy until the spots are faded.

A yogurt and honey facial is also helpful in fading age spots.