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Treatment Alternatives for Cystic Acne

Treatment Alternatives for Cystic Acne

Treatment Alternatives for Cystic AcneCystic acne is the severest of all acne types and tends to leave the sufferer in extreme discomfort. In this type of acne the pimples occur, burst open, get inflamed and infect the surrounding areas too. The affected area sometimes also bleeds and smells bad.

The causes of acne may vary from person to person; in some cases it’s triggered by hormonal imbalance, childbirth or pregnancy etc while in others it happens to be hereditary.

Depending on the skin type, there are a number of cystic acne treatment options available.

Topical Cleanser

The first and foremost cystic acne treatment option is tropical cleanser that meant especially for the acne skin. Specialized cystic acne cleansers like Benzoyl Peroxide or Cetaphil boast anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and help eradicating the pimples by destroying the infection causing organisms and soothing the skin irritation. One is supposed to cleanse the problem area with the suitable cleanser and lukewarm water twice a day to get better upshots.

Moreover, you should always use oil-free cosmetics and take measures to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Prescription Treatment

Tropical cleansers at times prove insufficient for treating cystic acne in some patients. Therefore, the dermatologist and skincare experts recommend prescribed medications such as azelaic acid, rentinoids or benzoyl peroxide. These are chiefly antiseptic agents and are potent enough to diminish acne provided that it’s at early stage. The efficiency of this treatment depends on the acne-condition and thus may vary from patient to patient.

Oral Antibiotics

If the cleansers as well as the prescribed tropical medication fail to produce the results, the next option is oral antibiotics. Commonly prescribed antibiotics for cystic acne are doxycycline, minocycline and tetracycline etc.

However, for women, birth control pills are also recommended since in many cases the underlying cause of the inception of breakouts in women is increased level of testosterone during pregnancy. These medications reduce testosterone level and thus help reducing acne.

Laser Treatment

And last; Laser Treatment. It is the last treatment option for treating cystic acne when all other methods fail to produce results. Not only laser treatment effectively treats cystic acne but also prevent the recurrence of acne in future.