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Top Pregnancy Skincare Tips for Expectant Moms

Top Pregnancy Skincare Tips for Expectant Moms

Top Pregnancy Skincare Tips for Expectant MomsPregnancy is a crucial period of a woman’s life when she experiences many hormonal changes. These hormonal changes trigger several skin-related issues such as acne, skin dryness and itchiness, brittle nails and hair, pigmentation problems, and varicose veins etc. Looking good during pregnancy is also very important as skin issues can at times bring about a lot of stress.

Unluckily, you have to limit the use of skincare and beauty products during pregnancy just for your and your unborn’s better health. However, if you follow some pregnancy skincare tips, you can easily overcome this limitation. Take a peek; here are some adequate pregnancy skincare tips for expectant mom.

  • The most common skin care issue expectant moms complain about is acne. You should stay away from any acne-care product with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or any other retinoid. If possible, also avoid using any chemical-based skincare, acne-care or beauty products. If necessary, use the one recommended by a dermatologist. The natural way to prevent acne is to wash your face with a mild cleanser twice a day to remove any dirt, excess oil and other impurities present on your skin that cause pore-blockage, triggering acne breakouts. The cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen you use should be absolutely oil-free as excess oil happens to be the main culprit behind most outbreaks. Moreover, drink plenty of water to keep your skin well-hydrated and take healthy diet to avoid the issue.
  • Skin dryness and appearance of stretch marks is another common skin related issue women have to face while they’re pregnant. These issues can be easily prevented however. All you need to do is to pamper your body skin, especially belly, breasts, buttocks and thighs, with any oil or mixture of all oils on daily basis. The oils helpful during pregnancy are coconut, olive, castor, wheat, avocado and sweet almond oils.
  • Down to the hormonal transformations, hair often goes in resting or dormant and there is slight hair loss. The hair starts falling at faster rate after pregnancy. Most women get worried about the condition but the thing to know is that it is something normal and there’s no danger of baldness.
  • The nails of some ladies turn brittle and prone to breakage during pregnancy. If it is like you, pay regular attention to your nails during this period. Usually the condition happens to be temporary and resolves after some time, but if the condition persists, seek a dermatologist advice.
  • Keep your body and skin well-hydrated and moisturized during pregnancy. As your skin becomes too dry during pregnancy, so, regular moisturization can help you a lot.
  • Some expectant moms experience varicose veins and it is much better to prevent the condition rather than treating during pregnancy. The best ways to avoid the condition is to take a gentle walk daily, avoid standing for longer span of time, placing your legs and feet in an elevated position when possible, avoid too much weight gain and avoid crossing legs while sitting.