Home Make Up Top 7 Makeup Color & Application Tips for Dark Skin Beauties

Top 7 Makeup Color & Application Tips for Dark Skin Beauties

Top 7 Makeup Color & Application Tips for Dark Skin Beauties
Top 7 Makeup Color & Application Tips for Dark Skin Beauties

African, Americans and dark skin beauties usually have unique skincare and makeup issues. They usually don’t find enough guidance about makeup application to get the desired look and therefore they find it even more challenging to deal with these skincare and makeup tribulations successfully. This article provides the dark beauties with an easy and brief guideline about selection and application of different cosmetics to get the preferred look.Top 7 Makeup Color & Application Tips for Dark Skin Beauties

Be Wise While Choosing Foundation Color or Shade

For the brown or dark skinned ladies, oil-free foundation of a shade slightly lighter than one’s natural complexion works the best. It gives them a nice glow by highlighting your skin.

Use Powder: The use of loose powder is must for the dark skin beauties. Pick off a sheer quality loose powder. It tends to give your skin a revitalized look without appearing greasy or shiny.Always Wear Sunscreen

Always Wear Sunscreen

As the dark skinned people are not much prone to sunburn, the ladies usually forgo the sunscreen application. It isn’t a healthy approach, however. In fact the sunscreen application is indispensable to prevent premature aging, sunburn and skin cancer. So, whether or not from now, be sure to wear sunscreen on regular basis.

All about The EyesAll about The Eyes

Selection of eyeshadow colors that allow them to get Smokey look while going well with their complexion is a bit tough task for the dark skinned women. Prunes, coppers, dark browns and burgundies are the shades that can give you a desirable, dramatic look without looking hysterical. Experiment with these shades and find the one that works the best. Be sure not to use any shimmering colors on your entire lid, however. If you want to give a shimmering touch to the eye makeup, simply use translucent powder allover the lid.

Color the CheeksColor the Cheeks

The best blush shades for dark skin dark peach, cocoa, dusty pink or cinnamon. First apply a little blush and examine yourself in natural light to see if it’s looking good. If you find it okay, then add more.

Choosing a Flattering Lip ColorChoosing a Flattering Lip Color

A variety of lip stick colors is there that works well for the dark skinned ladies. Berry and plum are ideal shades for those who want playing it safe and for creating a dramatic illusion beiges, soft pinks, golds, nudes, chocolate, coffee or wines are perfect choices. Just be sure to avoid using orange or any color with orange undertones.

Don’t Forget to MoisturizeDon’t Forget to Moisturize

Though most dark skinned ladies have oily skin, even then moisturizing is crucial. Actually, if you are not much careful about keeping yourself well-hydrated and moisturized, your skin produces even more oil. So, be sure to treat your skin with oil-free or water based after cleansing your face. Moreover, consume plenty of water to keep your body well-hydrated.