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Tips to Pull Off Wine Lipsticks Perfectly

Tips to pull off wine lipsticks perfectly

Tips to pull off wine lipsticks perfectly Sporting wine lippies is one of the easiest ways to look and fell fashionable this season. Having enough know-how of how to wear wine lipstick is vital to pull off the look successfully otherwise you’ll end up with anything else but hot. I have pulled together a few easy tips for how to wear wine lipsticks this season.

Prep the mouth beforehand

If you want your wine lipstick to stay on for long, make sure to prim your pouts beforehand. Exfoliate your lips with a suitable lip scrub and treat them with a lip balm thereafter to create smooth base. While applying the lipstick, start off with a lip liner, this will provide your wine lipstick something to adhere with and thus will help it stay on for longer span of time.

Pick the right colors

When it comes to wine lippies, there is variety of color options to choose from. Red wines are more versatile while dark purple wine colors are more dramatic and bold. You got to pick the color that works well with your coloring. Medium to dark-complexioned gals out there are lucky enough to pull off virtually all wine lipsticks. The fair gals should stay with lighter shades.

Keep the face natural

When you pull off brighter, bolder lips, it is always wise to keep the rest of your makeup minimal. Well groomed eyebrows, single mascara coat and a dab of peach blusher or bronzer are just enough to company the wine-colored lips.

Build color gradually

Next tips on how to pull off wine lipstick perfectly suggests you to build the color gradually. Start off with a single application of color, then blot, and repeat until you achieve the desired color intensity.

Application technique

The application technique for applying wine colored lipstick depends upon the effect you’re after. If you are after a subtle, daytime look, use your fingers to put on the lipstick. For an intense, nighttime effect, apply the lipstick directly from the tube or with lip brush.