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Tips to Pull Off Bold Brows Trend


Like all other trends brow trend also keep on changing with the time. Gone are the days when pencil-thin brows were a symbol of flair and trend, nowadays the bold and bushy brows are ‘in’. However, it does not mean that you should let your brow hairs grow unruly, rather grooming and shaping is the key to pull off this trend. Look into the below given tips for working the bold-brow hip.

Grow Them

The foremost step to pull off the bold brow hip is to allow the brow hair grow out. Put the tweezers down and also avoid any over ardent plucking. However, it is okay if you want pulling out the stray hairs that make you look odd but it ought to be done very diligently so that you don’t pluck from the top of the brow.

Maintain a Natural Shape

Naturally shaped brows excellently complement your facial features. You want an instinctive, curved shape with a trivial arch. If you are a bit unsure about what shape go well with your face, seek advice from a professional either from a salon or brow bar.

Groom Them

Good grooming is the key to pull off the bold brow fad. Remember, growing the brows and grooming the brows are two different things; they’re interrelated however. During the growing process, brows become a bit rowdy and disruptive. Tame them with a brow-brush and then set them using brow gel.

Fill Them

Using a brow-pencil or shadow define and shape your eyebrows a bit. As you are aiming at creating a natural effect, work with the shadow in light feathery-strokes.

Shade Darker

If you crave more of a statement eyebrow, fill it with a shade darker than your original brow color. This will certainly add ‘bold’ factor to your brows. For this purpose, it is better to use a matte eyeshadow in place of brow pencil as it works best to create a more fused look.

Seek Professional Advice

If you are switching from pencil-thin brows to bold and thick, it can be a very drastic transformation. If you are not sure of the ideal ways to pull off the bold brow hip, ensure seeking advice from a professional.