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Tips To Lose Belly Fat for Women & Losing Belly Fat


How to Lose Belly FatFlat, toned abs and perfectly shaped body is something that we all dream off, some work really hard for that and some try to get some time to get that kind of body and there are so many who wants to look slimmer and lean and they try their level best to get some time, but there are so many reason that they cannot get on their feet all the time, like Me! I am a blogger and I work full time which means sitting all the time, I have migraine and thyroid which means I have to work really very hard to loss even a single kg and I cannot go out in sunshine, which means I have to wait for sunset to go to walk, Tips To Lose Belly Fat for Women ,sometime I get up and go for walk and run for couple of days regularly, but then I loss the determination, then one of my very old friends told me some tricks and I did use all of them literally and I seriously felt really very good and I am here to share all of them with you too and I just want you to give these a try of three to four month and then let me know what you have you say.

Tips To Lose Belly Fat for Women How to Lose Belly Fat, Diet Tips

Running & workout: – Well as I told you that it is really hard for me to go out and run even day, so I just bought some cardiovascular exercise machineries and let me tell you one thing, running on treadmill is not only very good for overall weight loss, but it is very good to get perfect body too, although I heard that it is not very good if you are over 25 cause your skin start losing even quicker, but if you start using body worming and stretching then it will actually help you get perfect face too, and then best one is interval training, keep it over 160 and no matter what never use the hiking options cause that will make your hip and your thighs too big and strong and big muscles would be last thing you want.How to Reduce Belly Fat Fast

Stretch Instead Crunch:I know that the market is loaded with the jumping program to lose fat from your belly and in that workout you only use your back and your legs, and that only make your body straight lean and thick, start stretching instead crunches and try to get some stretching program to lose fat for your body which will not only make your belly strong, but toned too.

Increase Olive Oil IntakeIncrease Olive Oil Intake: – olive oil is very good to keep things perfect; Experts say that certain compounds in olive oil stimulate a hormone in your stomach that signals to your brain that it’s full and that not only keep you full for hours, but it reduce your unhealthy food intake too, and then best is take it with healthy options, like with salads, boiled eggs, fish and other cereals and you should eat it uncooked and extra virgin for best results.

Keep Your Body HydratedKeep Your Body Hydrated: – This is becoming my pet sentence now, keep your body hydrated to get beautiful  skin, hair, eyes, nails, system, brain and healthy digestion, drinking ample water is not only very good for your beauty, it is very good for your shaped and toned body too.

Take Good Night SleepTake Good Night Sleep: – Adult women require anywhere from six to eight hours of sleep every night which is not only very essential for her system, but for her look too, you need to sleep for at least 8 hours a day, and sleep with dim lights, and empty minded and try to get some healthy beauty sleep every night and it will keep your determination strong too.

Should You Really Eat 6 Meals a Day6 Meals A Day: – You might think that eating 6 times a day is not possible, but when you will start doing that you will see that your body feel more happier and healthier, digestion is the most hardest thing that you can make your body to do and when our body do something hard, it burns a lot of calories, so make it work harder and faster and for that eat 6 times a day, including three healthy and balanced meals plus two mix servings of fruits and vegetables and one tea or snack time,Tips To Lose Belly Fat.

Go Greens : I am not talking about recycling; I am talking about becoming vegetarian, eat greens 9 times a week and when you eat green try to add some sharp shaded either fruits or vegetables in your plate too and always use the smallest and the straightest plate of your home, trick your brain with small spoon and folk too.Smart Tips on How to Lose Belly Fat

Last but not least, never ever drink a single calorie, cause calories in drinks goes straight to your booty.