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Tips to Get Better Sleep


Sound and peaceful sleep of eight hours is very necessary for your health and beauty. Sometimes, our lifestyle or any other factor obstructs the way of our sound sleep that in turn makes us feel dizzy, dull and tired throughout the day. If you face trouble in sleeping and want to get advice about how to get better sleep then read this article. We will tell you how you can get better sleep.

  • Caffeine can put hurdles in the way of a comfortable and restful sleep, so, one thing that can help you get a better sleep is reducing the intake of caffeine. Don’t take caffeine almost 4-6 before bedtime.
  • Don’t use alcohol as a slumber aid. It initially helps you drop off but doesn’t let you stay asleep for long by causing disturbances.
  • Along with making you miserable and sad, mental stress also brings sleeping disorders. So, it is advised to leave the stress out of your bedroom. Include some relaxing activities such as meditation, yoga or any other soothing activity in your daily bedtime routine. It will relaxen your mind thus help getting a sounder sleep.
  • Regular exercise as well is quite beneficial for nighttime sleep. However, the effects of exercise over the sleep depend upon the former’s timing and intensity. If exercise refills your energy making you more active and alert then it’s advised not to exercise close to the bedtime.
  • Create an ideal sleep environment in your bedroom so that you can get a sounder nighttime sleep. If noise and light disturb your sleep then make sure keeping your room dark and quite. Temperature of the room should also be comfortable enough to get a peaceful catnap.
  • Don’t get engaged in distracting activities such as eating, discussion or watching television when you are in bed. These distracting activities make it hard for you to doze off.