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Tips to Apply Bridal Makeup At Home


Bridal Make Up TipsToday we are going to help you girls, who are going to get married really soon and for that we are going to give you an guideline to give you a perfect look, I am assuming that you have followed the pre-wedding skin preparation regime and now you have beautiful smooth and fair flawless skin and thick and beautiful eye lashes and brows and you have done with bridal bath and facial and you have beautiful smooth hands and feet with special manicure and pedicure and now we are going to start with the make up.Bridal Makeup Tips for Brides

Wash your face with worm water and muslin cloth and scrub your face, neck and your shoulder with that, but be very gentle and smooth, now you just need to apply moisturizer and then Primer all over your face and then apply waterproof foundation over your face and let it get set, you can use ice pack over your face to get a perfect look, I want you to apply foundation all over your face, including your eye lids and your lips, it will create the best smooth look possible.Best Makeup Tips for the Bride

If you have any kind of marks or scars then you need to use Conceal and if you have not even skin tone around your eyes then this is very necessary for your to apply concealer over and under your eyes or otherwise you would look so dull and so damaged on your big day, and pay attention on the blending, your skin need to look toned and even.Bridal Makeup,Dulhan Makeup Beauty Tips

We will then apply the Blush, you need to use blushing  to contour your look and you need it to add even more shade, even if you are already blushing this day naturally, but you need blush to get the soft flashy look on your cheeks :)you can use any of your favorite shades of blush and just apply on your cheeks, try to use the biggest and the most thickest brush possible and blend well using a blush brush and try to start from the outer edge and then blend it in word and then apply a darker shade on your contorting areas, I hope you know what are the contorting areas on your face and on your shoulder or neck.

Now you need to apply your eye makeup, you don’t need to add too much shades or too much thick and heavy shades to look bridle, you can even use natural shade on your big day too, you just need to look beautiful and you just need to look fresh and charming, so use beautiful shades that enhance the look of your eyes and use liner and mascara to make the picture of your wedding timeless, you can use fake lashes if you want to, but if you want a natural look then go for thick mascara and lash curler.

Highlight is the next way to enhance your eyes and your cheek, you just need to apply some of it on the bones and nose area and then rub it with your fingers and you can use it over your cupid bow too to get the attention over that, but not too much, less then moderate, just row a simple thinnest line possible and it would make your lips so so sexy and sensuous.

Finish your look with lips gloss or lipstick and add floral touch to get beautiful and charming look.