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Tips for Removing A Fake Tan

Tips for Removing A Fake Tan

Tips for Removing A Fake TanSunless-tanners are a safe and effective way to get sun-kissed look without getting exposed to the damaging sunrays that leave your skin severely damaged at times. However, it is not always easy to apply self-tanner to your body. Sometimes a phony tan can finish up looking streaked, orange. After a bad tanning job, your immediate task will be to remove it quickly without hurting your skin. Here are given a few simple tips to remove the fake tan.


To begin with, exfoliate. The sunless tanners tan only the uppermost layer of your skin which is made up of dead cells. Exfoliating treatment help cart off some of these dead cells and thus diminish the depth of the color. You can use a body-scrub or loofah sponge to exfoliate, but don’t treat your skin aggressively. Good body scrubs to consider for this purpose are sea salt or sugar scrubs. Besides exfoliating, these scrubs will also moisturize your skin. Moisturize your skin finally after taking shower.

Witch Hazel

Use witch to take off any left over residue from the tanner. It will cleanse the skin while replenishing a little moisture back to the skin.

For the Facial Area

To safely do away with blotched tan on facial and neck skin you’ll need to properly cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser, following it up with exfoliating with a gentle facial scrub. As a last step of facial-tan-removing process put a little Witch Hazel on cotton swab and tone your skin with it. This will remove any tanner that may be left after cleansing and exfoliating. Finish up with your standard moisturizing lotion/cream.

Tanned Palms

Tanned palms can spoil the look of a fake tan. In order to take the color away from your palms get a little amount of a quality body-scrub on your dry hand and rub the palms together gently. Put your hands in running water and scrub a little more. Finally dry your hands. Repeat the process again if you find there is still tan on your hands.