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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Lip Gloss


Choosing a right lip gloss is something really demanding. At times, you spend hours at a beauty counter and experiment with different glosses but still fail to find the one that can really work for you. Well, we can help you.

From your budget to the product’s durability, there are several things that should be taken under consideration while picking a lip gloss. A few helpful tips on how to choose a lip-gloss are discussed here. Check these tips out and use if you find them effective.

Consider Budget

Your beauty budget is the first thing that should be taken under consideration while deciding on a lip gloss. If you are tight on budget, you would definitely not want to hit the MAC counter. Experiment with any drugstore brands first— a variety of good quality glosses are there you can make a choice from, for instance, Burt’s Bees.

Know Your Palette

Knowing your palette- the colors that look best on you- is also of utmost importance when it comes to choose a right lip gloss for you. Those with olive skin tone should stay away from yellow based hues, and prefer more of a blue based color palette.

Want Glitter or Not?

Though I am old enough to value the glittery lip gloss, but teenagers and even the daring ladies can go for this option. Discern which type of lip gloss you want, glittery, flat or shimmery, before shopping.

Go for one with SPF

As many women forgo wearing sunscreen over their lips, some lip-glosses offer you built-in SPF protection that protect your pretty pouts from damaging sunlight along with enhancing their beauty. So, while choosing a lip-gloss, always try to settle on the one with SPF.

Check Durability

And last but not least, check the durability of the gloss before you pay for it. If you hate touch ups and want your gloss to stay on all day long, pick off one containing lip stain in it. But if you’re ready to re-apply the gloss every few hours, you may go for a regular one.