Home Beauty Tips Three Steps To Smooth And Patch Free Elbows!!!

Three Steps To Smooth And Patch Free Elbows!!!

Three Steps To Smooth And Patch Free Elbows!!!

Three Steps To Smooth And Patch Free Elbows!!! Like the rest of our body skin, our elbows also deserve attention but unluckily most of us don’t involve them in our daily or even weekly or month skincare regimen. The skin on our elbows tends to be very rough and if not looked after properly, it turns discolored and dried out. If you’re facing the issue, revitalize your elbow skin by follow these simple steps:

Step I: Scrubbing

  • Scrubbing is very important to keep the rough skin of elbows and knees smooth. You can value different scrubs for this purpose. Below given are two natural scrub recipes you can easily create at home.
  • Lemon/pumice stone scrub: Create the scrub by mixing together half tsp of pumice stone dust and one tsp lemon juice and scrub it gently on to your elbows for a couple of minutes and wash off while taking shower.
  • Brown sugar scrub: This is also a great scrub to purge rough, dry skin off your elbows leaving them smooth. To prepare the scrub you have to combine equal dosages of grounded brown sugar and olive oil and mix well. Massage the scrub light-handedly on your elbows using circular motion and wash off while bathing.

Step II: Moisturizing

After taking shower moisturize the area with a thick moisturizer, Vaseline or glycerin .

Step III: Night Treatment

  • Pampering your elbows before going to bed is crucial for keeping it smooth and for preventing discolored skin. Here I am sharing with you two natural treatment lotions you can use at night. You’ll definitely see a major difference in how your elbows look and feel.
  • Take in a bowl equal quantities of Vaseline, uncontaminated olive oil and baby oil and mix them well to get a pasty material. Massage the lotion onto your elbows every night. You will notice that dry scales of skin have been disappeared even after a few uses.
  • Prepare a good night moisturizing-balm for your elbows by melting 1/4 cup beeswax,1 cup of cocoa butter and 1 cup of shea butter along with ½ cup jojoba oil and ½ cup olive oil. As soon as all the ingredients are liquefies, blend well and store in a dry airtight jar. Use every night for getting soft, supple elbows.