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Things You Should Not Refrigerate

Things You Should Not Refrigerate

There are certain items, even some fruits and some vegetables that you should not store in the refrigerator even if everyone say that you suppose to, as they are not meant to store in that way and they might get bad and you might loss the flavor and you might lose the flavor and the quality of these things and here is the list of those things that you should not store in refrigerator.

Hot Sauce: – normally when we buy some hot sauce, we put it either over the dining or kitchen table of in the refrigerate, but honestly speaking, you should not do that, you cannot put your vinegar or your sauce in your refrigerator, you cannot put your Tabasco and Frank’s Red Hot sauce, Heinz, Soy Sauce and Sriracha or any sauce that you use to eat ready to eat things they are not for your refrigerator, they are actually perfect for your kitchen cabinets or your kitchen shelves or tables.

Things You Should Not Refrigerate

Potatoes: – I saw people storing their potatoes in the refrigeration and I though really? Seriously? Cooler place will kill the flavor of all potatoes and that includes all kinds; white, baking, red, purple, fingerling etc, they are dry and you can store them with your garlic and onions, just if you are not storing these things in refrigerate too;) you ca arrange a basket in the kitchen and you can store all these dry things over there and you will see that this will add life and flavor in your food too, and if you want more safety for your dry pantry then you can pack them in paper bag and they will stay fresh for longer time of period.

Bread: – once you put your bread in refrigerator, you will literally lose all the crunches and all the crispness and one of the most common rule for bred and all sort of bread and that is keep your bread for 4 days in a dry pantry at room temperature and then let it go after that, so buy the one you need and use it within 4 days.

Why Should You Not Refrigerate Tomatoes

Onions: – As I told you earlier that you do not store such kind of things in your refrigerators, you just buy the small quantity and then keep it in the original mesh bag or in grocery brown paper bags and you can keep it in your dry pantry and one simple and ancient tip, never keep potato with your onions they will make them rot.

Tomatoes: – Refrigeration kills the flavor of tomatoes and causes them to be mealy, but if you really have to then freeze them and never freeze them in plastic bags and if you need to make them ripe faster than you can stereo those in paper bag.

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