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The Perfect Routine For Beautiful Skin


The Perfect Routine For Beautiful SkinIt is okay if you were not born with beautiful and issue-less skin, you can always try o get with some simple and some very easy steps, it need a good and satiable skin routine and that will not only help you get beautiful and issue-less skin, but it will actually make your skin better and better with the passage of your life, I know that some girls think that there is no need to fix if it is not broke, but the fact that you need to understand about your skin is fix it even before it broke, cause once it brakes it will take ages to get fixed, so maintain a simple 5 steps routine and maintain it for rest of your life, you can change the products and brands, but you should stick with the ingredients that suit you and if you think that you don’t get which one is good for you and you have super super soft and sensitive then you should stick with home remedies and homemade mask, and scrub and once you decide that you will use natural things for your look and your skin then I bet you would love the result and love your decision, am the biggest fan of home remedies and home mad things for skin so that is what we will use to get flawless magical skin.The Perfect Routine For Beautiful Skin 1

First of all you need to know your skin tone and pick any essential oil and massage your face with that, you can mix one or two oils for  that and you can get help from the blog we did about the essential oil and massage it with very soft hands and then after 20 minutes and after that take one hot and wet towel and spread it over your face and take the steam and then wipe it off with the same towel and that will not only clean your skin, it will deal and prevent black and white heads too, now if you are doing this regularly twice a day then this is enough for night, juts take few drops of homemade serum and apply over your face and then after 10 minutes apply moisturizer  according to your skin type an you are good to go.The Perfect Routine For Beautiful Skin 2

Now you need to use face scrubber at least three times a week and use red lentil or poppy seeds for that, you need to make a fine past with red lentil or poppy seeds and mix it with rose water and scrub your face, use a fine and smooth alum powder on your face three times a day and that will solve all of your skin issues.