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The Best Way To Apply Purple Eyeshadow


Tips For Purple Eye MakeupWe are sharing a very strong look today, we did a very glamorous look yesterday and then I thought to add some more looks in your festival and holiday look book and for that we are picking purple today, I am using almost 4 shades of purple with fake lashes with stones on the rots and pure black mascara and gel liner, so are you ready to rock the parties with your magical eyes.Purple Shadow to Make Brown Eyes

First of all we will apply the eye primer and let the lid absorb the moisturizer and mean while we will work on the eye brows, take the matching eye shadow with thin brush and blend it well in your eye brows, you need to enhance the arch and then we will take the lighter than natural skin eye shadow base and apply it all over the lid and then we will apply the scotch tape over the outer corner as we do to get a sharp wings look and now we will start with the shiny lightest mauve shade you have and apply it all over the lid and blend well.Cool makeup ideas for brown eyes

Now take the darkest purple shad you have with your angle brush and apply at the outer V and start blending it inward, you need to blend it over the crease only and let the same shade go over the brow bone too, but not too much and don’t let the shad come down the crease too, blend it all the way from outer corner to inner coroner.Flirty Eye Makeup Ideas

Now take light pink mauve mate share over your eye shadow brush and apply over the lid, at outer corner, just above the purples shade and then blend it lightly, don’t cover the light mauve shade though, and then take the same brush and apply some shade over the crease area, and blend well, now before doing anything more, we will take pure black eye pencil and draw a thick line over the lash line and then under the lower lash line, but don’t apply it over the inner corner of your eye, let the inner part completely nude and then take dark purple liner and draw a thin line over water line and let it swing over the inner corner and then take a mauve  shiny highlighter and draw a V on the inner corner of your eye and apply the same shade over the brow bone too.Cool makeup ideas for brown eyes,Flirty Eye Makeup Ideas

Now remove the tape and apply the lashes with shiny silver stone on it and if you could not find that one then you can apply the stone on your fake lashes too and then apply a thick coat of black mascara.

I am hoping that you will like it and will give it a try.