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The Aspirin Mask For Clear Skin


Aspirin Mask - How To Clear Your  SkinI am sure that you would have heard about the highly reviewed/talked about Aspirin Mask and I am sure that some of you have tried that too, and I always wanted to try that too as some of my friends did and they were pretty happy with the result, but I have supper sensitive skin and I rarely try such kind of things on my face, I try things on my body though, but skin of my face is very complicated so I try to avoid such kind of experiments, but then I got horrible  acne all around my cheeks and they were very itchy and irritating and they were getting worse and one day, one of my friends gave me a pack of 500 uncoated Aspirin Tablets and she asked me to give it a try on Friday noon when I get back from work so if something goes wrong you would have enough time to deal with that, as I was already dealing with the worse acne of my life, so I wasted no time when I got back home from work that noon I decided that I am going to give it a try.Easy Ways Of How To Get Clear Skin

I changed my cloth and took a 45 minutes long shower with running water and wore a vest as I wanted to apply that over my neck and shoulder too, I took 5 tables in palm of my hand and applied a few drops of water onto the tablets and it start sizzle immediately and I gave it a minute and then I started to rub it with my finger it did not become a fine paste and I knew that it would be hard to apply that so I apply that on my trouble areas of my face and shoulder and neck and I laid down for just 10 minutes and the mask started leaving my skin as a powder, I did feel some burning sensation in my skin, but I gave it full time and the I went to bathroom and scrub it off and wash my body with a slightly chilled water and applied witch hazel to my face with a cotton ball as a toner, I did not notice anything at the time, my face was pretty read and I was feeling some harshness, I went to sleep and after one hour when I saw my face I was really very shocked the skin was smooth and the new pimples were completely  gone, but I did have the old ones on my face and the blackheads of my chest and my shoulders were gone too, I did that whole weekend and everyone was shocked to see me on Monday.Easy Ways Of How To Get Clear Skin,All About Acne Masks

Now since I am kind of expert with that mask I use different things with that like honey, Aloe Vera gel, oils, yogurt, lemon juice, etc to keep it on my skin better and for longer and don’t  apply it like a mask, rub it as a scrubber and then let it work for more 10 minutes.