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Tena Durrani New Formal Wear Collection


Tena Durrani has presented its latest collection of clothing formal today. New Tena Durrani in 2012 the formal clothing collection called Camellia. The collection includes a few projects, but they are really strange. Includes embroidered dress shirts and pants masonry. Clothes made of cotton net.

You can wear clothes from the new Tena Durrani 2012 collection of formal dinner or a wedding. The projects are all very elegant. Shirts without sleeves, but if you prefer, you can add sleeves. Both young and middle-aged women like Tena Durrani 2012 formal wear collection.

Tena Durrani started its way into the fashion world in 2005. Now she has a strong presence in the industry. Tena Durrani draws inspiration from Mughal art and architecture, combining modern fashion with ancient samples. It provides various kinds of clothing from casual wear to formal wear.

Let’s look at a beautiful design collection Tena Durrani in 2012. Photos released Tena Durrani below