Tena Durrani 2012 Dresses Collection for Girls

Several new projects were added to the Tena Durrani 2012 Dresses Collection for Girls yesterday. They include both casual and dress clothes to meet the different needs of customers’ clothes. Projects include T-shirts, but mostly the sleeves can be ordered with T-shirts.

Most of the new outfits in the collection Ten Durrani 2012 embroidered shirts. Shirts were sewn and style in accordance with modern fashion, and look very elegant. They were paired with trousers in the latest clothes. In fact, you can wear clothes from the latest collection of Tena Durrani 2012.

Tena Durrani started her fashion label in 2005. It was inspired by Mughal art and architecture and fuses together ancient and modern fashion designs in her outfits. She designs casual wear, formal wear, suits and dresses wedding dress. Clothes designed Tena Durrani full of bright colors and embroidery.

Photos of some of the recent meetings in the Tena Durrani 2012 Dresses Collection for Girls in 2012 are listed below.

Album PHOTO Of Latest Dresses Collection 2012 by Tena Durrani

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