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Tanya Angus With ‘World’s Worst Case of Gigantism’ Dies


Tanya Angus With 'World's Worst Case of Gigantism' DiesTanya Angus, the woman who could stop growing, is no more in this world despite wish of live long. 34-year old Las Vegas woman had the worst case of gigantism in the world. Images and videos of Angus can shock you.

She was 7 feet 2 inches and weighed about 400 pounds. Karen Strutynski recalled her daughter saying, “Mom, I don’t know why I got it. But I guess God decided that I could handle it.” She rode horses, went dancing and had a boyfriend until the age of 21.

Tanya Angus With 'World's Worst Case of Gigantism' Dies2

Tanya was just 5ft 8ins tall and weighed 130lbs at that part of age. So this has really shocked the world and there are many especialist who are explaining of acromegaly or gigantism. This is a rare pituitary disorder that causes the body to produce too much growth hormone. It affects about 20,000 Americans.

Wayne Brown, founder of the Acromegaly Community said while talking with ABC News, “Her tremendous love of our community could only be matched by her generosity of spirit. No matter how tired or sick she was, you could always count on Tanya for a smile and a hug that was guaranteed to raise your spirits.”

Angus, who had been working as a supervisor at a Walmart in Michigan, was fired from her post when her condition worsened, and was dumped by her boyfriend when his parents questioned whether she was a man, Daily Mail reports.