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Sunburn Treatment Face


Beauty experts and dermatologists always recommend application of a quality sunscreen before hitting out in the sun. It prevents your body and face skin from the destroying effects of UV rays emitted by the sun. Unfortunately, if any day you forget to wear sunscreen before going to beach or anywhere else that involves lengthy sun exposure, the damaging rays can burn your face and other body parts.

In severe case, sunburn may lead to the development of skin cancer that’s why it is vital to treat it immediately. There are numeral ways by which you can heal the sunburned face skin. Few home remedies for sunburned face are given below:

Apple cider vinegar is an efficient homemade treatment against the sunburned facial skin. It not only relieves the irritation and discomfort but also prevents blister formation and skin peeling. For using acv as a sunburn treatment, soak a cotton pad in the vinegar and apply it over your face light-handedly.

Whole milk is another recognized and readily available remedy for sunburn. In the form of cold compress, whole milk or buttermilk proved as one of the most efficient treatments of burns. Create cold compress of milk and apply it over the affected area of the face for twenty minutes. Repeatedly use the remedy every four hours to get extra relief. Milk’s fatty content relieves the soreness and give cool sensation to the irritated and burnt skin.

Another distinguished sunburn remedy for facial skin is the old baking soda. Dissolve one cup baking soda in tepid water then close your eyes, hold the breath and soak your face in that water. If you are unwilling to submerge your face in water, create a baking soda compress and apply it over your face. For sunburnt lips, tea is one of the most easily achievable remedial options.

The tea has tannins that are helpful in giving soothing relief to the sunburned skin. Dip tea bags in cold water; squeeze off extra water from them and put them over the lips. These can also be used for burnt eyelids.