Sunburn Treatment During the Hot Days of Summer Season

Sunburn Treatment During the Hot Days of Summer Season
Sunburn Treatment During the Hot Days of Summer Season

During the hot days of summer season sunburn is a painful souvenir to the people. Those having fair complexion are more susceptible to get sunburn as compare to those with dark skin tone. If you too have suffered from sunburn and looking forward for any treatment to get relief from this skin condition then read on. We have few useful remedies for use; try them and enjoy a healthy and fresh skin again.

There are three degrees of sunburn; 1st degree 2nd degree and 3rd degree. One experience pain and redness of skin in 1st degree burns. The redness and pain is accompanied by water bubbles in the second degree burn.

The professional aid is immediately needed if the diameter of bubbles is over 2 inches. Don’t ever pop the bubbles and also avoid touching them with hands. In case, if you notice discoloration in the oozing, then don’t delay consulting a professional.

The worse degree of burns is 3rd degree burns. It is most destroying among all three forms of burns. Besides the redness, pain and water bubbles the third degree burns also include patches of white skin. Immediate treatment of this skin condition is very necessary.

The first and second degrees of burns can be effectively treated through homemade remedies.

Few remedies are Sunburn Treatment given below:

Placing cool ice packs over the effected skin may prove helpful for getting relief from 1st and 2nd degree burns.

Avoid placing oily products such as butter on the burned skin; it will turn your skin condition even worsen instead of healing it. The reason being, the oil based products clog the skin pores and don’t let the burn breathe freely thus cause infection.

Use cool water for taking shower. Adding a little vinegar to the water can help you a lot. The vinegar will remove the tingle from the sunburn. Cooked oatmeal can also be added to the bathing water.

Potatoes work well for relieving pain from the effected area. Cut two potatoes into small pieces after thoroughly washing them; then after blend these potatoes to turn them into liquid. Required amount of water can be added if the potatoes look dry. Dab the potato juice over the effected area. Let the juice dry up and finally splash cool water to rinse it off.