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Sunburn Treatment at Home

Sunburn Treatment at Home

Sunburn Treatment at HomeThe ultraviolet (UV) rays emitted by the sun are very dangerous for human skin. The most damaging effect of these rays over the skin is sunburn or skin tanning. The UV rays emitted by tanning beds are also equally damaging for your skin and burn the skin. Noontime sun exposure of even only 15 minutes can cause sunburn.

The symptoms of sunburn don’t appear right after the sun exposure; they may take almost one day or even much time to become visible.

There are three degrees of sunburn; first degree, second degree and third degree burns. The most severe is the third degree burn. Inflammation and redness of the skin are the initial symptoms of sunburn. In the severe case the blisters are formed. Some days after the sunburn skin peeling starts.

Though prevention is better than cure but once sunburn takes place follow the below given tips for healing and soothing the burned skin and reducing the discomfort.

Take anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprophen, naproxen or aspirin. These medicines will reduce the inflammation and also ease the pain and redness to some extant. Avoid giving aspirin to children.

If blisters are not developed by the burned skin then apply moisturizer to the burned skin to relieve pain and soreness. Chill the moisturizer before use to get extra soothing effect.

Dab ice packs to the effected area. A chilled clothe is also helpful.

Don’t use hot water for taking shower; rather use tepid water. If there are no blisters on the skin then you can add Aveeno Collodial Oatmeal to the water you are using to take bath. It will help relieving the inflammation and keep your skin well moisturized.

Prevent any further sun or UV light exposure when treatment of already burned skin is going on.  If blisters are formed, don’t pop them.

Be careful while using any products. Don’t make use of the products that include benzocaine and lidocaine. They may cause more damage to your already burned and inflamed skin.