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Sunburn Peeling Treatment


Flecking off of uppermost layer of the skin because of lack of moisture in the epidermis is referred as the Sunburn peeling. It’s actually the process by which our body gets rid of the dead skin cells damaged due to prolonged exposure to the sun or other sources of UV light naturally. Skin peeling is somewhat irritating and painful experience therefore the sufferers always look forward to get some remedies to prevent and heal this condition.

Few effective sunburn peeling remedies are given below that you can try at home

Aloe Vera

Apply a munificent amount of Aloe Vera lotion over the affected area immediately. It helps easing the soreness and moisturizing the skin. The odds of peeling are minimized to a remarkable extant if the skin is kept well moisturized.

Ice Massage

Gently rubbing the compresses over the burnt skin may be highly effective. Ice, with its great anesthetizing effect, gives a soothing relief to the burnt area and alleviates the pain as well. Moreover, it also helps reducing inflammation caused by sunburns. This in-turn brings the skin stretching down making it peel less.

Oatmeal Bath

Another efficient remedy for reducing sunburn peeling is oatmeal baths. Grind some unflavored oatmeal to get a fine powder and collect it in a cloth or any extra sock. Now, drop this oatmeal filled sock in the bathtub containing lukewarm bath-water and let it dip in the tub for a couple of minutes.
Then hack into the bathtub and stay there for around 30 minutes. After the set time is over, stand up and splash cold water over the body to wash off the residual oatmeal. Avoid rubbing the body vigorously to dry up; rather pat dry it using a soft and clean towel. Feeling healing the peeled skin and prevent peeling, a mask of cooked oatmeal, olive oil and egg white is helpful.


Rich in malic acid, an acid that protects the skin from peeling off, watermelon is a highly effective remedy against sunburn peeling. Chill few pieces of watermelon and rub them gently over the burnt area. It will heal the condition quickly and also reduces the discomfort by making the burning skin feel cool.