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Summer Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

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Makeup Tips For Hazel Eyes Eyeshadow Hazel EyesThe new trend of 2014 Is shimmer, you would see shiny shades and finishes everywhere and with that there are some bright colors which are going to rock your summer too so I thought to share some simple tips which you might want to try during this summer while you are out on exotic holidays.

Summer Makeup TipsHow to Do Makeup Tricks for Brown Hair and Brown Eyes

If you have beautiful brown eyes then I am sure you don’t really need to do a lot to look beautiful since you were born with beautiful eyes and you are blessed with the perfect skin tone which go right with the eyes too,Summer Makeup Tips, but still try some simple basic shades over your lids to make your eyes look the best.I have fair skin and brown eyes, and I have trouble finding eye makeup ideas

This summer you don’t really need to or you really should not carry dark eye makeup to give a chic look, cause this year you would be carrying shimmer pots. You glowing face will be complemented by the neutral looks during this summer and apply base shade all over the lid and the take some shimmer and apply right over the lid and blend and you would be ready to go,Summer Makeup Tips. All you need to do is apply some magical mascara, Kajal and a little eye liner with that to get dramatic look,Summer Makeup Tips.Sharpen your eye makeup skills with these easy tips and tricks

Go For Gold: – Shimmer is everywhere, just take some exotic Gold and apply some on your eyelids and it will not only help you get batter looks, Summer Makeup Tips, but will popping up look to your eyes and finish the look with black or brown mascara and it is great look for day outing, but if you want to go out with that look then take some dark bronze or brown eye shadow and apply over the crease and over some bones and you are ready to get a perfect night out.Summer Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

If you are hanging out on peach and not in the mood to apply full makeup then take some golden glitter and apply over the inner eye to add an extra spark to your eyes, Summer Makeup Tips and if you don’t want that then apply some plain white shade over your inner corner and some golden mascara and get beach ready look.

If you have small eyes with close rims then take some dark shadow and apply to the corners and creases of your eyes and some plain shimmer over the lid and blend to get rounder eye look.

Do Not Stick With Black Eyeliner this summer cause it is going to be a rocking colorful season this time, can try any new shades form market, experiment with sparkle green, blue, red, pink eyeliners to give your plain eyes a colorful joyful look and create a wing at the upper corner of your eyes with different color and pure black mascara to get trendy look.