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Summer Makeup Tips for Oily Skin


Dealing with oily skin in becomes much more challenging in the hot summer season. As a result of global warming, the daytime temperature in the summer season sometimes goes over 40-45 degree and you start sweating as soon as you step out of an air conditioned room. Sweat makes your makeup slide off your face, making you look horrible at times. But, no need to worry!!!

You don’t have to wait till fall or winter to rock the makeup again. Makeup in summers is all about using the right products. Some effective summer makeup tips for oily skin are here for you.

Cleansing Routine

Though all of us know, but perhaps ignore sometimes, it is imperative to begin with a right cleansing regime. In the summer, the heat makes your skin produce more oil than usual and thus make it look and feel greasy. So, it is always important to cleans and tone your skin daily with respective products that suits your skin. But you have to be very gentle while cleansing as you won’t want encouraging your skin to produce even more oil.

Oil-Free Moisturizer

Although it sounds odd, but yes, oily skin too needs regular moisturization. You are supposed to use an oil-free moisturizer, however. It will leave your skin moisturized without adding more oil to it.


When it comes to apply makeup to the oily skin during hot weather day, prime your skin for the makeup first. For this, you need to apply a makeup primer allover your face including eyelids, before putting on any other cosmetic. This will create a smooth and clear canvas for the makeup and will make your makeup lasting.


Needless to say, powder is the best pal of gals having oily skin. While you need powder all through the year, its need increases. It joins hands with the primer to set your makeup and make it lasting. However, it is imperative to settle on an oil-free formulation.


Usually your face tends to look sweaty, and for those with oily skin it’s very annoying. To avoid sweaty look, squirt a mineral spray over your face to cool down yourself. It will set the makeup without ruining it.