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Summer Makeup Must-Haves


As summer comes nearer it is time to divest yourself of heavy makeup essentials and throw all the cosmetics you had kept in your makeup bags, bathrooms vanities and totes throughout the winters. A few of them might be run out. Usually light and spares makeup is applied during the hot summer months as many cosmetics cannot bear the summer heat and disappears easily with sweat. Allow you skin to rest during hot weather.

Trendy Summer Must-Haves

SPF cream or tinted moisturizer

If you want to have a protecting layer that can efficiently protect your skin from the harmful sunrays, pick off tinted moisturizer with sun protection formula rather than foundation. It’s lightweight and can help evening out the skin tone. To turn your preferred foundation more lightweight, pour a drop of it in the SPF cream.

Lipstick vs. Mascara

Mascara-free eyes are ‘in’ this season however it can be worn for a day look because the eyes are covered with sunglasses during the summer season so they don’t come into notice. Instead, you can think accentuating your lips during summer days. Make choice of a lightweight lipstick or lip tint with sun protection formula (SPF). It will give your face a dash of color while maintaining its summer-like look. In case of bare-face fashion both mascara as well as lipstick can be skipped.


Blush is another cosmetic that has cemented its place in the summer must-have list. Any extra makeup isn’t needed. Opt for a matching hue in a matching shade and put it on to the cheek bones. Blend thoroughly and make the glance softer if you put on only blush. However, if you are getting ready for an evening event, you can slightly intensify it by pairing it with a bright colored lipstick.

Eyeshadow and Eyeliner

Eyeshadow and eyeliner is not obligatory but it is wiser decision to wear it for evenings when the heat isn’t strong. Then the look will be easier to maintain as it will stay fresh for longer span than during hot day.