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Step by Step Guide to DIY Bridal Makeup


Wedding day is one of the most exciting and memorable days in a bride’s life that she wants to remember all of her life. From wedding dress and accessories to the wedding makeup, bride wants everything to be just perfect for her big day as this is her day and she wants to her best.

Though it is always a wiser and advisable to hire a professional for getting bridal makeup done, but if down to any reason you fail to manage a professional beautician, you can do bridal makeup by yourself. All what needed is the essential products and tools plus some basic know-how of how to do bridal makeup. If you’re a bit unsure about how to do DIY bridal makeup, take advantage of our step by step guide to DIY bridal makeup.

STEP ONE: Choosing Your Makeup – The Essentials

The first step of DIY bridal makeup is the collection of all the required products for bridal makeup. The products you will need include foundation, lipstick/lip-gloss, eye makeup– mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow and eyeshadow primer– blush, and appropriate applicators to work with products.

For smoother and softer lips, it is recommended to use a lipstick with a gloss over it. Peach or pink are perhaps the perfect option for brides. Whichever shade you pick should complement your blush shade.

The bridal eye makeup should not be overwhelming or dramatic; rather it should be the a bit improved version of your day-to-day eye makeup look. It is always recommended to go for a classic vs. “hip” look. Brown Smokey eye is the most popular bridal eye makeup look.

STEP TWO: The Application

Once you have gathered up all the required items, you’re ready for the application. Be seated in a well-lit area and set a large mirror before you so you can apply the cosmetics properly. Cleanse and moisturize your face with a SPF-free moisturizer as SPF together with the camera flash can cause a “whitish glow” in snaps.

If you’re using a primer, spread it over your face and neck evenly. Once the primer is dried, work with foundation. The way you apply the foundation is all upon you, but as a bridal makeup artist I recommend you to use your fingers for this purpose rather than any brush or sponge. This way you will easily cover the hard-to-get places such as your eyes corners. Apply foundation to your neck as well. Rub the foundation thoroughly. If unluckily you’re struggling with blemishes or dark spots in the under-eye area, hide them with a concealer.

Now curl your eyelashes and then apply eye primer using your finger tips. Let it dry.

STEP THREE: Creating the Perfect Smokey Eye

Application of eye makeup is the most tricky and most time consuming step in bridal makeup. The steps to follow to create a perfect bridal eye makeup look are given below;

With your eyeshadow brush, apply your base, preferably light pink eyeshadow, allover your lid and above the eye crease.

Apply taupe eyeshadow from the center of lid, slightly beyond the outer corner of your eye and a bit above your crease.

Put on a medium brown color in almost the same place as the taupe, however don’t extend it as far up into the fold or as far out as the taupe. Blend both the colors together at the crease for creating a smooth transition.

Cover the brow-bone and the area under eyebrow in the vanilla shimmer shade. Let the shade slightly touch where the taupe extends beyond the crease. Blend.

STEP FOUR: Mascara and Eye Liner

Top off the look with eyeliner and mascara. Apply eyeliner to the upper lid and slightly extend it beyond the outer edge of the top lid enhance the smoky eye effect. You may also want to apply liner to the bottom lid or waterline. Add two, three coats of mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

STEP FIVE: Cheeks and Lips

With your large, fluffy blush brush dab the blush onto your cheekbones, extending diagonally upwards slightly. if desired. Finally, apply lipstick and follow it up with a gloss. Your bridal look is done!