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Step by Step Guide to Chignon

Step by Step Guide to Chignon

Step by Step Guide to ChignonThe chignon is an admired hairstyle of fashion and style conscious ladies. This super-quick and easy-to-create hairdo is elegant enough to win the wearer a few appreciative glances. The steps to create the do are given below;

Step 1: Make the Foundation

To begin with, work a light-hold spray all through your locks to get a texture foundation for the chignon.

Make a low ponytail at the nape of the neck after pulling your entire hair over to the side where you want chignon to rest. Secure the plait with a clear elastic. It’s the foundation of chignon.

Step 2: Split Ponytail

After securing the ponytail on the preferred side of head, part it into two equal parts. Pick one of the two parts and further divide it in half.

Before using them in chignon, twist both the parts on their own to create a rope-like effect.

Step 3: Twist Sections

Now pick the largest hair piece and wind it around the base of your ponytail. Using bobby hair pins, secure all the tendrils into the base.

Next, twist one of the two smaller pieces around the base and secure with bobby pins.

Finally, twist the other small section around the base of your chignon in the opposite direction. Clip it off into place around the other tresses.

Finish off by misting a hairspray allover.