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Smoky Brown Eye Makeup Tutorial


Smoky Brown Eye Makeup Tutorial-6Today I am going to show you a very cute and very beautiful Smokey-brown eye makeup for you girls who like to apply glamorous and naught eye make ups, and I am going to use Color Stay eye shadow palette which has three shades of brown with one white and one shimmery shad and I am hoping that you all would like it the way I love it.

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Wash your face with lukewarm water and muslin cloth, this is the best way to prepare your skin for make up as your skin get clean and smooth and ready to absorb the products and absorbed foundation and primer look the best on every skin, wash your face and then apply the moisturizer and then primer and then you need to apply the foundation and concealer and blend it well, now you are ready to apply the eye makeup and we will start with the one shiny shade of brown and I am using coppery brown shade and apply it all over the lids.

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Once it is done you need to take mate dark brown shade and apply it over the outer crease and move toward inner crease area with a soft hand or smooth brush, you need to take it from out corner to all the way inner corner and then blend out the brown color in the crease and then take blending brush and create the soft smoked outlook, blend these two shades from down crease to all the way to eye bone and blend the intensity of the dark brown with copper.
Now you need to take the mat white shade and apply it over the inner corner of the eyes on both sides, over and under the eyes and rub it with your finger and try to keep it near the inner corner, don’t pull it anywhere, now you need to take shiny shimmery olive brown color and apply it on the center of the lid with your finger or with the smallest brush your have, it will increase the intensity of your look.

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Now you just need to take a gel liner and draw a wing similar to the cat eye shape, but not too dramatic, you need to draw a line on upper and lower water line with an eyeliner pencil and then take shimmery brown liner and draw a very small wing on the outer line on the bottom side, few coats of mascara and you are ready to go.
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