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How to Do Classic Smokey Makeup for Brown Eyes

Gray Smokey Makeup For Brown Eyes

Gray Smokey Makeup For Brown EyesIf you ask me what I have to say about valentine’s day then I will say that it is one day that I wait throughout of the year and that is one day that I love to celebrate more than my own birthday, I love the theme and I love the mood of that day, smooth worm and joyful and that is what you will see in the look I am going to create for you today.

Smokey Makeup for Brown EyesBlack Smoky Eye Makeup Tips

We will start with liquid primer and I am using a slightly thick layer of primer to keep the make up in place throughout the big day;) and then we will take brown gray base powder and then we will apply it all over the lid and then we will blend it a bit more over the crease, but not too close to the bone and then we will let the skin absorb the moisturizer and we will groom the eye brow.How to Do Classic Smokey Eyes for Brown Eyes

I am using dark purple black eye pencil and groom the eye brow with it and then use blending brush to blend well to get a natural finish, now take some yellow golden highlighter with light pale foundation or concealer and bled it well around the eyes and pay attention on the skin around the lower eyes and it will enhance the look and will brighten up your look too and then finish the touch with lose powder and it will help you keep your look perfect throughout the day.Makeup Trends 2014

Now take steel gray shade and apply over the lid and then blend it well and then take light brown shade with flat brush and then blend steel shade with that and then take bright Makeup Geek Envy eyeshadow and apply over the center of the lid and blend a bit and then take lose gray white shimmer and apply over the Makeup Geek Envy eyeshadow and use tabbing.

Now take Makeup Geek Envy eyeshadow with liner brush and apply on the lower lash line and then blend a bit and now take pure black gel liner and apply a thick wing over the upper lash line and apply thick mascara and now take yellow golden highlighter and apply on the inner corner and a bit on the brow bone and you are done.

Apply your lip-gloss and you are ready to go.