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Smokey Eyes Wedding Makeup


Smokey Eyes MakeupNormally beauticians use natural shads for bride and it look good, but you don’t really have to use natural shades if you don’t want such a simple and natural look, you do can use bright shades, you can use shiny pigment or whatever you like, you can use dramatic shads and liners too and if they look cute in personal, then you don’t need to be worried at all cause they will look cute in pictures too:) Shell we start.Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas, Glittery Gold Smokey Eyes

We will start with plain clean washed face, then we will take some primer and foundation or concealer and apply all over the face, we don’t need a cakey base for that, but you can always try tint moisturizer if you have beautiful skin and you don’t need any concealer to get flawless skin, when we are done with the base we will start with eyes.Best Wedding Makeup Tips

We will take some moisturizer or primer and apply all over the lid, then we will take dark black shade with flat brush and apply the outer corner of the eyes and we will draw a perfect V with that, let it cover the 1/3 of outer lid and cover the 1/3 crease too and blend well, then we will take the frosty baby gray shade with a flat brush and we will apply all over the lid and blend it all over the lid well, then blend it over the black shade too and gray and white will create a frosty shade over the middle of the lid, now take pure white shade with small brush and apply right over the inner tear duct and blend well and let it cover the lower part of your eye too.This look makes for a gorgeous face, and you will be receiving compliments all night.

Now you need to take the richest purple shade you have and apply over the outer 1/3 of the crease and then blend it a bit, but cover all the crease and some part lower of bone, now we will take the dark gray shade with small brush and apply over the lower lash line, but not all the rim, just 1/3 of the lower lash line and then take black gel liner and apply a dramatic wing over the upper lash line, but we are not applying any shade on waterline, but if you want to then use light brown or dark gray shade over your waterline and finish the look with thick mascara, but not clumsy one, now take some silver transparent highlights and apply over the eye brow bone and blend with finger well and you can use a bit over your inner corner of your eye too.

Best of luck.