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Skin Types & Do you Really Know Your Skin Type?

Skin Types: Do you really know your skin type?

Skin texture is basically categorized into five forms: normal, oily, combination, dry and sensitive. The amount of oil produced by the skin cells determines the type of an individual’s skin. The oil production, however, depends upon various factors such as genes, stress level, diet, medicines and the skincare regimen one follows.How To Identify Your Skin Type

One can easily determine his skin type by doing a skin type test. First, rinse your face and dry it up light handedly. After utterly drying the skin press a few pieces of rice-paper or tissue paper, tend to be lens-cleaning tissue paper on different area of the face. It the paper will fastens to the skin and gets any oil spot it means your skin texture is oily. If you’ll have the normal or combination, the paper will stick in your T-zone.Skin Types & Do you Really Know Your Skin Type

The features of five basic skin types are given below

Oily: Oily skin looks shiny and oily, especially in the T-zone area that features nose, chin and forehead. Those with oily skin have enlarged pores, and their skin uses to be highly susceptible to acne, pimples and other skin related tribulations. Tightness is one of the other features of oily skin.

Combination: The skin pores of Combination skin are neither enlarged nor thin; instead they are medium. Those who have combination have oily T-zone and dry cheeks.

Normal: Normal skin is the ideal skin type. It too has medium skin pores. The other prominent features of normal skin includes healthy complexion, even texture and good blood circulation towards the skin.

Sensitive: Sensitive skin is thin, delicate and has fine skin pores. It is susceptible to cracked capillaries, gets allergic frequently and tends to turn red and rashy immediately when exposed to inappropriate conditions.

Dry: Dry skin type feels taut, especially after cleansing. It tends to be very sensitive towards the changing weather conditions; flaking and wrinkle formation are common problems dry skinned people have to face. It turns extra irritating during winter season.